Secured Loans

When it comes to secured loans, nobody is better than Finance7. This is because we are completely independent and have access to the whole of market. Therefore, we are confident that we will bring you market leading rates.

Just as importantly, we are efficient and we do not make false promises. If we cannot meet a time deadline we will let you know at the outset rather than making false promises. That is why the vast majority of our business is a direct result of referrals from satisfied clients.

Secured loans allow a lender to obtain security against your house in return for lending you money at a more competitive rate than you would be able to obtain through an unsecured loan. Furthermore, payment can be made over a 25 year term which can make them very affordable.

Secured loans can also be appropriate to a home owner who will suffer heavy redemption charges by remortgaging. With a secured loan, a second charge is simply ranked behind the first charge held by the mortgage company. Therefore the secured loan and mortgage can run simultaneously on the same property.

Our advisers will access the market to obtain you the best rate based on your personal circumstances.

It is important that you realise that your home may be at risk should you not be able to meet your repayments on a secured loan.

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