Company Turnaround

Company Turnaround

With your assistance, Finance 7 can help you in turning your company around and return to profitability. There are three key stages in a company turnaround. As well as guiding you through these stages, we will give you an insight into the warning signs that you may be heading for financial difficulty.

The first stage in turnaround is rescue, this is where we can aid you in adding short term stability to the finances and alleviate the mounting pressure from creditors and other stakeholders. This in turn gives the time to formulate the most realistic and practical strategy in order to turn the company around.

The next stage would be restructure, here we would begin to implement the strategy in order that the business can return to profitability and restore both long term and short term financial security and stability. Refinancing the company is one of the main restructuring tools as well as analysing the company as whole to see what changes can be made.

Finally there is recovery, this is where we would have completed the turnaround. However, we would then be able to advise you on the best ways to maintain your new profitability by looking at the ways in which the initial problems arose.

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